Maintenance Services


LLC«DonAvtoHolod» maintenance service is provided by the experienced engineers and has available a warehouse holding original spare parts and consumable materials. Besides, it is equipped with advanced facilities and special machinery that are used to find faults and to serve farm special machinery and vehicles.We provide maintenance services of air conditioners for  domestic and foreign agricultural machinery and vehicles such as: NEW-HOLLAND, CASE, Buhler, CLASS, MASSEI-FERGUSSON, JOHN DEERE, FENDT, HARDI, MATROT, SAMPO, TERRION, KRONE, FOTON, MAXTRON, LEMKEN, ROPA and others leading manufacturers.

Description Price/unit in RUB
Car air conditioners services (complete) (Freongaschange; oilchange; compressorbearingreplacement; cabinairfilterreplacement; evaporator cleaning; condenser cleaning; system vacuolization; leakage check, Freon gas filling) 4250*
Car air conditioners troubleshooting(air conditioning system check, troubleshooting) 500*
Car air conditioners charging(operation) 1250*
Air conditioning system services for domestic farm machinery (Freongaschange; oilchange; evaporatorcleaning; condenser cleaning; system vacuolization;  leakage check, air reservoir change, electric wiring check.) 2950*
Air conditioning system service for foreign farm machinery(Freongaschange; oilchange; evaporatorcleaning; condenser cleaning; system vacuolization;  leakage check, air reservoir change, electric wiring check ;) 4950*

*- Prices for Spare parts and Freon gas are notincluded. Theyaretalked with a Customer individually and can be changed if so agreed.


Electric facilities maintenance service for farm machinery and vehicles

Description Wiring Price/unit  in RUB Installation Price /unit in RUB
DON-1500А wiring set (full electric wire bundles set of 22 pcs)ДАП-10Б.10.10.000 13500 9450
DON-1500Бwiring set (full electric wire bundles set of 25 pcs) ДАП-10Б.10.21.000 14900 10400
К-700Аwiring set (with rigid wire) ДАП-700А.3724.000-01 6500 4500
К-701wiring set (with rigid wire 24В) ДАП-022.3724.000-01 6900 4800
МТЗ-82.1 wiring set (without battery cable ) АП-80.1.3724.000 2700 2700
МТЗ-1221 wiringset (without battery cable) ДАП-1221.3724.000 4600 3300
Т-150 ЯМЗ 24Вwiringset (without battery cableДАП-025.3724.000 3300 3000
KAMAZ-4310, 55111, 65115 wiringset (without battery cableДАП-4310.3724.000 5600 4200
KAMAZ-5320, 53212, 54112, 5410, 5511, 55102 wiring set (without battery cable) ДАП-5320.3724.000 4900 4200
КrАZ-6510 wiring set (without battery cable) ДАП-6510.3724.000 8800 6200
МАЗ-64229, 53366, 54323-21, 53371 wiring set (without battery cable) 8600 6200
URAL-4320-31-238, 4320-31-236, 4320-31-740 wiring set (without battery cable) 5000 4500

Transportation expenses to the Customer’s site are not included. Wiring maintenance cost accounts to

700 RUB/1 standard hour.