Company Presentation


LLC"DonAvtoService" isa fast developing Company andbeing "AL RAS" (AIR COND SPARE PARTS TRDG, SHARJAH, UAE) accreditedagentsince 2001 isengagedin productionanddelivery of cooling units, airconditioners and component parts for transport vehicles.

  The Company’s main principle of activity is to create comfortable working conditions for the personal operating transport vehicles and farm facilities.

Allproductrangewasdevelopedby the effort of Russianengineers withuse of component partsfromtheworldleadingmanufacturersthatmakesourproductreliableanddesigned for long term life. “SELMA” products and spare parts quality and reliability were experienced during long-lasting operation in a variety of climatic conditions. All design units havebeen investigated indetailswith reference to particular features of machinery, transport vehicles and Customers’ requirements.

Thecomponentpartsfrom "AMPEX", "SANDEN", "GoodYear" and "BridgeStone" are used for  production of air conditioners and their parts. All component parts are deliveredunderlongtermcontracts and are provided with Declaration of Conformity according to  GOST R  quality and safety standard.

Developedproductionfacilitiesmakeitpossibletosupplyawholerangeofproducts on a stable  basis. In addition to the air conditioning units we also produce assembly kits for our Customers.

Dueto increased market consumptions, spare parts and technical air conditioner repair services are available for the equipment of such companies as  "John Deere","Claas","Hollander","Mossey Fergusson"and etc.

We are ready for any mutually beneficial cooperation.

The largest Company’s capability is its knowledgeable engineers.  We provide training, dolecturingandpracticaltraining for them on regular basis.Wealsosponsortheirvisittothethematicexhibitions. Credit for everything wehavereachedandwhatistobedone is due to the employees who are working with us. 



Yours Respectfully

G. Rakhaev

Director General